You are looking at the window and you see that the rain is steadily falling outside. You marvel at the waterfall effect of rainwater as it cascades down from your roof. But…!


You heard/saw water dripping down after a storm and said “Why is rainwater going straight down from the roof to my front yard?” Now you realized that there must be a problem with your gutter system. We can fix your gutters with urgency as we understand your emergency roof repair comes first.


The gutter is a very important feature of your entire roofing system. It collects rainwater, channel them to downspouts, and lead them to proper water depository area. It protects the walls, windows, foundation, and landscaping of your house. Because it serves as a catch basin, it can be littered with leaves, twigs, seeds, and almost anything that can be carried by the wind and deposited to your roof.


The Gutter Hazard

A clogged and unmaintained gutter can pose danger to your family and to your house. During summer when the temperature is at its hottest, the debris collected in the gutter can dry so fast and become fire hazards. During the rainy season, the dirt will clog up the water channel and downspout. This will cause water overflow which can damage the structure of your house. Decomposing organic debris may also cause rusting and deterioration of the gutter which would entail massive repair and expense.


Other Causes of Gutter Damage

Aside from dirt and debris, there are other causes of gutter damage. Leaning a ladder on the gutter may cause dents and may peel off the paint. The exposed metal will then be prone to rusting. Welded joints are also prone to rusting if not properly sealed and protected. Other causes are pest infestation, ice formation, and bad weather conditions.


Gutter maintenance

It is highly recommended that gutters be cleaned at least twice a year. The changing of the season is a good indicator when to do this. At spring time, trees bloom and the wind carries with it leaves, flowers, and seed pods. Branches of fruit-bearing trees hanging over the roof may also contribute to the accumulation of debris from the fruits that drop. In autumn, trees shed off their leaves. As you clean your backyard, you might as well take time to clean your gutter. If you are in the snowy region, cleaning will lessen the stress to the gutter when the snow falls and amass on top of your roof.


Maintenance, however, may have its own hazards as you will be several meters up from the ground. If you are not adept at doing this, you might as well get a roofing contractor to do the job for you. While it is important to maintain your gutter, risking your life and limb is not really necessary.


The Gutter Expert

We can fix your gutters with urgency as we understand your emergency roof repair comes first. We have a variety of gutter systems that will fit your needs. Our roofing services ensure that we don’t leave anything to chance. We believe in providing complete service to our customers so that they don’t need to call again for other repairs in their roof system.