Your gutters are the unsung heroes of your home. They clean rainwater away from your roof, protecting it from being damaged by the elements and preventing the growth of mold in walls and foundations. Unfortunately, gutter systems can experience damage that leave them unable to do this job effectively.

A common cause of damage is clogged gutters that prevent water run off. To avoid gutter problems like these, try cleaning out the gutters once every 6 months or so (or more often if there is a lot of debris). You may also want to fix any leaks you discover right away; even small amounts of standing water on roofs can lead to rot, peeling paint, and mildew (gross).

If you find that one section isn’t draining properly—or that water isn’t draining at all—you can clean out the gutters for that area. With your ladder in place, you’ll want to clean out any debris above where the clog is. You should then clean out the gutter itself by using a brush or scraper to push debris into an open section of gutter. Once this is finished, you should cover up the cleaned-out section with mesh, which gets rid of future problems without restricting water flow.

Remember not to clean your gutters when leaves are falling! When it comes time to clean them again, make sure you clean them well enough so as not to cause another clog. A strong downpour may also be able to take care of any remaining clogs. If it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to clean your gutters again.

If you notice any leaks in your system, clean them up as soon as possible. Bigger leaks are usually obvious, but smaller ones may take some time to find. You can tell if your gutters have a leak if concentrated water flow isn’t being directed where it should be—i.e., away from the house! Water stains on side of home or other wet spots also indicate that there’s a problem with the way water is draining off the roof.

Another sign that you have a gutter issue is standing water during rainfall. You’ll need to clean out and then repair any sections where they’re broken (this may mean not just replacing one small piece).

It’s important to clean your gutters more frequently if they’re on the edge of the roof. This is because water will run along them instead of flowing down cleanly, which can cause significant problems for your home.

Bigger issues are often caused by poorly installed gutters. If you have sections that are angled improperly or lead directly into one another, this also prevents water from being carried away cleanly and fully, leading to clogs and leaks. When gutters are discussed in passing, people don’t tend to think about what really goes into making a good gutter system—or the cost associated with having one installed correctly. A professional assessment of leak issues should include factors like pitch, drainage grade, and any debris buildup in gutters and downspouts, in addition to the inspection itself.

While it may seem like a small problem in the moment, having clean gutters is vital to your home’s health and long-term value. You can clean them yourself or call us for help; either way, don’t delay if you notice problems!
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